“Why Am I Covered in Feathers?” Twilight Feather Cake!

Hello munchkins!  My personal tradition of making Twilight cakes that have no red or black apples, chess pieces, ribbons or flowers continues.  This time around, I decided to make a pretty cake that was a subtle nod to one of the most hilarious/amazing scenes in Twilight: Breaking Dawn…the morning after for Bella and Edward.

This chocolate cake was covered in a very light blue whipped cream cheese frosting (a lighter alternative to traditional cream cheese frosting…it’s a new recipe and I love it!) and topped with very sparkly fondant feathers.  As usual the sparkle did not come across in the pictures, which is sad, but in person they were super shimmery, just like you-know-who.   I would even go so far as to say they were “skin of a killer” glittery.  Yes.  I went there.

Twilight has been my favorite guilty pleasure for quite a while now, and I am crazy excited to see the latest installment, Breaking Dawn!

I also thought, since this is the beginning of the end, that it might be fun to take a trip down Twilight Cake Memory Lane, so below please enjoy some pictures of all the Twi cakes I’ve made!

Oh man, so many Twi-cakes.