A Note About Our Ingredients

At Cake Hero, we feel strongly about using Fair Trade ingredients. "Fair Trade" means that the people who produce the ingredients we use are paid a fair price for their products and are working in humane conditions. Vanilla, cocoa, coffee, and sugar are all crops that often come from economically depressed countries where farmers struggle to be paid a fair price for their goods. Fair Trade practices help farmers earn a fair wage in good working conditions, ensures the land they are working on is respected and not overworked, and guarantees that no child or forced labor was used in the creation of these kitchen staples.

Your purchase of a Cake Hero cake means that together, we are a force for good in our business and purchasing practices. We try to extend this way of thinking to our packaging when possible. Cake Hero makes an effort to use recycled cake boxes and parchment paper, and to package our cookies we use real cellophane bags, which are biodegradable!


Cake Hero treats are flavorful, not tooth-achingly sweet, and made with the best ingredients we can find.  Whether it's a little sour cream to temper the sweetness of our vanilla cake, or a dash of coffee to take our chocolate cake to the next level, each cake recipe has something special that makes it unique and utterly delicious.  Our cookies are rimmed in Maldon Salt and demerara sugar, to give them a tantalizing bit of crunch and saltiness.  Yum!